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The bride and the bathroom

Pic Source It was my 23rd visit. From having exact specifications like the centimeter thickness of the hair, I’ve drastically expanded my category to any female above 23 and below 28 years of age. I am thirty-one, with a...

Just women

  Ages and ages on, men have called women “the bright moon”, “a glittering star”, and “a fluttering angel”; And pretty much everything celestial, ethereal and probably unreal. But just...

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From the ashes, with fear

Source It was hot. It was hotter than the milk my mommy gave me every evening. My big brother used to play matchstick game, and my mother scolded saying the fire was dangerous, it’ll burn the skin. So, why did this uncle...

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Kindred Soul

Source Chellama was playing with my five-year-old daughter while I entered my home.  They heard my footsteps and looked up. My little Kithi came running towards while Chellama got up and headed towards the kitchen. Five minutes...

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The wedding night

Source She sat on the edge of the large mattress, her finger gently tracing the rose trellis pattern of the pale blue lace curtain that covered hung from the ceiling of the large four poster bed.  The mild scent of agarbathi...

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Her first date

Source She stood frowning at her reflection in the mirror shaking her head in disapproval. I took a deep, exasperated breath. The red sheath gown looked stunning on her. The collar just dipped off her shoulders revealing a...

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The day of Dim Dim

Velachery is an astounding amalgamation of people, culture, mosquitoes and concrete. Ten years ago we prided ourselves with the extraordinary amounts of trees and deer that inhabited the Checkpost area, today we boast about the...

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The pouch of silver coins

Source  I slammed my alarm shut and rolled about in bed. I gave a punch to his pillow and settled comfortably. Outside I could hear the familiar sounds of water poured into the big cement tub. The familiar pungent scent of cow...

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The Earthworm on the Rangoli

I walked into my home with my mother at about ten thirty after sending off my cousin to the Trump country. My tenant Mohini akka was out in the biting cold with a maroon scarf covering her silky hair. Her dark face had a smear...

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The bachelor party

Picture source I walked into my home with a dreadful premonition. This has been my reaction for the last four months. I paraded through the house opening every door as I went. The bedroom was quiet. I had received a text around...

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