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Month: July 2014

Its An Ode To You

My heart beats in a steady ,fast rhythm,  In time to the funky beats of a cymbolamWhenever I see you  My love its an ode to you My eyelashes dance and gracefully flutter  Like the lovely little birds that hop and twitterWhen my eyes find you  Darling its an ode to you My breathing hitches,has a sudden hike  Like the teeth jarring gear shift in a BMW bikeIt is my reaction when i inhale you   My air its an ode to you Asparagus dipped in hollandice dip  Is nothing compared to the flavor of your lipIt happens only with you  My Sugar, its an ode to you Your skin is a velvet that’s blissfully fair  Nor Prince Eric and Philip has the fragrance of your hairIts a special feeling only for you  My Prince Charming,Its an ode to you Though there are Macho men with suits that fit  None of them ever comes close to your witThis is a sappy algorithm for you  My matrix head,its an ode to you You are a white knight with top class fashion  There’s no other Adam born ,to love me with such passionIt could only be you ,  My Zeus ,its an ode to you There may be lots of other love in your life  But trust me,there’ll be no other better wifeI owe my life to you  My life,its an ode...

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The world needs love:

Where is the peace ,  we were born with ?Its all here in pieces.. Wars,tears and sorrow  Is all that’s left..Many nations don see a tomorrow Oh Humanity,Give the world some loveCare for the people you vuw Children are meant to have fun,  they are raised like slaughter pigsThey sleep with their beloved guns Hunger is all what they feel  When its the age to play,They hunt down people and steal Oh Humanity,Give the world some loveCare for the people you vuw We’ve dumped Nuke shit in the ocean  Not caring to thinkWat’ll happen to the next generation In the end we’re all puppets  In the hands of Mother NatureHer Anger can kill us,  And destroy all that we nurture So Humanity,Give the world some loveCare for the Earth you...

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