Archive - September 2014

I Won’t Breastfeed My Baby!!!

I stood staring at the tampon packs that occupied the first slab, in the corner cupboard, of my walk in closet. It’s been ninety days since I inserted one into me. I had a dizzy feeling this morning, but I did not tell it to Prithvi. Prithvi Kumar, my loving husband is a super celebrity photographer who had, all the top shot actors, kneeling at...

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That Valentine’s Day

CASE 1: It was Valentine’s Day. The third one we celebrated together, the first one after we had exchanged our rings and vows. The day was extraordinary for shwetha and me, starting with cutting a beautiful vanilla cake followed by a long lazy sleep. We had a cozy shower together, made a blissful breakfast and set out to enjoy the day. Never did I...

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Kanna! Mere Pyaar – Story of a Devadasi

She looked at the basil plant, placed in the midst of the decorative splendor called the backyard of her authentic home. The plant was her favorite, for she was named after it. A name that was frowned upon by people, other than her mother and grandmother.  Krishna Thulasi. That was the name given to the beautiful girl, who was cast back into...

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