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Month: September 2014

I Won’t Breastfeed My Baby!!!

I stood staring at the tampon packs that occupied the first slab, in the corner cupboard, of my walk in closet. It’s been ninety days since I inserted one into me. I had a dizzy feeling this morning, but I did not tell it to Prithvi. Prithvi Kumar, my loving husband is a super celebrity photographer who had, all the top shot actors, kneeling at his beck and call. He’s a genius in profession and the main reason why I have a successful career as a model. But that was not the reason behind our marriage. We married out of love and he was everything a woman would ever want in a man. I was twenty six when we got married and he was five years older than me. I wanted to enjoy the world, to dress up in style, look every bit pretty, holding hands with my hot husband and flaunt my perfect figure and beauty at the grand gala nights. My husband had earthy needs, he wanted to settle down and have a happy family. He gave me two years of freedom to say no to a baby. All that began to change when we neared my 28th birthday. Prithvi has remarkable persuasion qualities and he talked me out of the idea of continuing my birth control pills. My birthday night was the first one we did...

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That Valentine’s Day

CASE 1: It was Valentine’s Day. The third one we celebrated together, the first one after we had exchanged our rings and vows. The day was extraordinary for shwetha and me, starting with cutting a beautiful vanilla cake followed by a long lazy sleep. We had a cozy shower together, made a blissful breakfast and set out to enjoy the day. Never did I know, our day would take such a turn and I would be standing in the hospital corridor with my heart and soul struggling for life inside a sterilized room of machinery and masks which flashes the letters ICU in its glass doors. I leaned against the wall, walking down the memory lane, tears trickling down my cheeks. 3Years before: She was walking down the road, wearing a white salwar. She was every bit angelic, a green eyed Madonna. It was love at first sight. My reaction to her smell was extraordinary. No one has ever affected me the way she did. I kept staring at her, my eyes never wavering. She stared right back at me. A small smile blossomed on her lips and my mouth went dry. She walked over to me, crossing the road, and it was perfectly natural when I took her hand and we started walking. That day changed our lives, our identity and everything related to our past, present and...

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Kanna! Mere Pyaar – Story of a Devadasi

She looked at the basil plant, placed in the midst of the decorative splendor called the backyard of her authentic home. The plant was her favorite, for she was named after it. A name that was frowned upon by people, other than her mother and grandmother.  Krishna Thulasi. That was the name given to the beautiful girl, who was cast back into a dark sanctum by the hypocrite hands of the society. The sanctum called ‘The Devadasi clan’. “Krishna”!  Her grandmother called out. “Where are you my dear?” “I am in the back yard Kanchana amma” Krishna called back. “Do not touch the thulasi plant!” her grandma called out hurrying to the backyard. “But why can’t I touch thulasi ? “ Krishna whined. “She is my best friend”. “Because you are in theetu my dear child.After 10 days we have the Pottukattu ceremony, after your dance performance at the Jaya Madhava temple.You cannot touch the thulasi anymore”. Her grandma said. “But she is the only friend I have” she said, looking longingly at the basil plant. “Other girls won’t talk to me”. “Krishna! Grow up now.” Her grandma said in a stern voice. “You have attained age, now you are ready to become a Devadasi. Now get back inside and stay there.” “I don’t want to be a Devadasi” Krishna cried. “I don’t want to be anything you say...

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