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Month: November 2014

The Silver Statement

Akshara stared at the beautiful gold necklace with distaste and hatred. Its intricate zig zag carving suddenly looked like the ill formed fangs of a cavernous animal, and the rubies studded in them, like drips of blood drawn from its previous victim. It had played havoc with the lives of many innocent girls, plundering their future, with its absence. That substantial, arrogant, elegant bitch called gold. Today it was trying to extend its vicious claws to hold her sister. Akshara saw her father struggle for the extra five sovereigns that the Groom’s family demanded. He fought the battle and somehow managed to survive it. But like every war, this left a deep mark in her father’s heart. His second daughter was now five racks below, in the marriage market. Akshara started hating the metal there. It was her Arch enemy and she wanted to cause destruction of this particular metal. She started analyzing the metals around her, a metal that would become the ideal weapon to screw gold. Platinum was way too posh and bitchier than Gold, and Iron was way too rustic. Stones and pearls were complimentary items and they all seemed incapable of surviving without the yellow lady. She fidgeted with her ring staring at its glowing surface and alluring intricacy. Silver. The answer was so obvious. Why the hell didn’t it hit her so long?  She...

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The Reverse Reaction

He looked at his daughter, who entered his house, after five long years. She entered with all the dignity of a brave woman, who has seen horrible things in life and fought it with every ounce of strength. All because of the one decision he made for her. He looked into her eyes which were full of questions and a drop of unshed tear. He turned back unable to face the question that filled her eyes. The single question that was blurred by her tears. Why? Why? Why? “Why?” he asked himself and closed his eyes, trying to rewind the 5 years that had passed. His eyes riveted back to the day, where her daughter stood livid, with her hands clutching her cheek, tears running down her cheek. “Do you understand the situation Menaka?”  “What is the situation Appa?” she had asked, her voice trembling with her tears. “We are not rich Menaka. To get away with a love marriage. What will our relations talk about us?” “The relations who we meet only during the marriages and other purposeless functions? “  His daughter’s question had angered him. “How dare you question your father’s judgement?” “You don’t want to believe your daughter’s judgement Appa?” she had asked, her composure never slipping. “Santhosh is a software engineer from a well-educated family and he is in US now. More than those mundane...

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