Archive - March 2016

On the way to a wedding:

After long hours of cupboard rummaging and mindless contemplating, I settled for my mint green lehenga. I had exactly 20 minutes for appointment in the parlour and 2 hours to reach the marriage hall that was 20 odd kms away from my home. After a nice hair wash, I was back home, fresh and rejuvenated. I slipped on the layers of clothes, careful not...

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The treasure vault

Pc:  I met them for the first time, I couldn’t help but feel a shiver of anxiety.  They looked every bit attractive and sophisticated a couple could possibly look. I reached them slowly and called them out. “Ahem..errr.. Mrs. and Mr. Sridhar? “Yes” said the lady and gave me a bright, dimpled smile. Her smile however, did not hide the...

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