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Month: March 2016

On the way to a wedding:

After long hours of cupboard rummaging and mindless contemplating, I settled for my mint green lehenga. I had exactly 20 minutes for appointment in the parlour and 2 hours to reach the marriage hall that was 20 odd kms away from my home. After a nice hair wash, I was back home, fresh and rejuvenated. I slipped on the layers of clothes, careful not to mess up my expensively styled hair. Subtle makeup and simple jewels to complement the look. There… I was all ready to rock my friend’s wedding.  I reached my destination promptly at seven and spent another ten minutes completely lost in the debacle that decorated the outside of the hall. There were flowers everywhere. Bright orange-yellow shaded marigold garlands were draped all over the trees, which entwined with the chain of serial bulbs. Overwhelming smell of jasmine wafted throughout the place. A long sapphire blue carpet ran along the steps into hall all the way till the stage. Four pretty girls draped in similar red sarees stood behind a table, handing sugar, roses and sandal (and taking selfies). I proceeded inside the hall after flashing a smile at them.  Humungous amount of jasmine covered the surface of the blue carpet, and I walked on them, following the well-worn path careful not to step on them. My careful tread avoided any contact above 15 degrees and...

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The treasure vault

Pc: I met them for the first time, I couldn’t help but feel a shiver of anxiety.  They looked every bit attractive and sophisticated a couple could possibly look. I reached them slowly and called them out. “Ahem..errr.. Mrs. and Mr. Sridhar? “Yes” said the lady and gave me a bright, dimpled smile. Her smile however, did not hide the flicker of hope and anxiety in her eyes. The myriad of emotions that played in her eyes, showed the years of hurt, pain and the small hope that lived through all the sad times. Her husband looked calm and gentle. He gave me a small smile. “Am Meenakshi ” I said, “ You can call me Meenu”. Together we waited for our turn. Fifteen minutes later, we were seated in front of Dr. Regina, a kind , rotund person with fine wrinkles that portrayed her age and experience. “So, Mrs. And Mrs. Sridhar, we spoke about it during our long course of conversations, are you happy with your decision?” she asked with a gentle smile at me. “We’re really happy with our decision and after all these years… Am finally ready!” breathed Mrs. Sridhar. The next couple of hours buzzed away with a lot of technical terms and medical check-ups and all through the process the only thing that registered in my mind was the slow bubble of joyous...

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