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Month: May 2016

The Curse of “Vellachery”

This probably looks like a picture of badly maintained roads on a rainy day. On the contrary, this is the picture of my locality in Velachery taken around 5.30 pm today evening. With the weather forecasting long sunny days ahead, what’s with the roads here flooded fresh with water? This is not the water from up above, this is the water from down below. Nothing has changed since December’s flood in Velachery. When all other places where filled with rainwater, my area was submerged with sewage water that started bubbling out as soon as the first batch of rains...

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The Seeker of light

This is the continuation of Shameen Rizwana’s Chapter 7 – Queen of the Cursed Land She walked along the marble corridor which was illuminated by torches that held cold, blue fire. Everything about the place was cold. Dark. She passed through the tunnel of mist, dreading the coldness that would grip her and the torment it would unleash on her soul. The price one has to pay to see him. “Master!” she quivered, looking at the tall dark figure that stood staring at the mirror, apparently seeing nothing. “What do you have for me?” He asked, without turning around. “The thirteenth queen the prophecy predicted is here, she was crowned nine hours back!” The news didn’t seem to bother the dark figure that stood erect, seemingly absorbed in the mirror. “Tell me something new!” his voice whipped out like a lash cutting through the cold air. She mewled with terror and her entire body trembled with fear “Zuta has gifted her The Riddler- the frog!” At that he turned and looked at her. She cast her eyes down, unable to face the lifeless blue eyes that swirled within like liquid mist. “Ah”! He mused, “The power of a gift! Let’s see what she’s up to. Shall we?” He ran his handsome fingers through the fine glass of the mirror. It rippled like a pool of liquid silver, whirl-pooled within...

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