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Month: November 2016

Definitions, Dimensions, and Nothings

Pic Source I would say it started at nothing. But then, everything does, doesn’t it? And one fine winter morning you gather up all your nothings and your coffee; you sit sipping your cuppa and think about all your nothings… When you realize it is everything. My blog was a fun experiment that started way back in December 2011. LN gifted “” to me five years ago. It was brand new, wonderful and absolutely ready to rock. Three posts in rapid fire mode and Bam! It was forgotten. Remember that little keyboard that was gifted to you when you were five years old? For the first six months, you ate with it, slept with it, played it all the time and so well that your mom boasted that you were going to be the next A. R.Rahman. Soon, other toys came up, other interests dragged you away and your little keyboard was left to gather dust on the loft. After few years you would have seen some dramas in life; out of boredom, curiosity, regret and almost nothing else to do, you go back and clean your house. And that’s when you would go back to your loft. You would see that little keyboard, dusty from years of negligence yet surreal, pure and untouched. All the happy memories would come back rushing and you would hear yourself chuckle with...

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The bachelor party

Picture source I walked into my home with a dreadful premonition. This has been my reaction for the last four months. I paraded through the house opening every door as I went. The bedroom was quiet. I had received a text around noon from my wife. “Going to my friend’s home for a short stay. Will be back in a couple of days. No food at home. Do whatever!” the message read. The darlings and sweethearts vanished in a relatively quicker time. I sighed. I walked into my mother’s room. Strangely even that was quiet. Instead of a WhatsApp text, my mother had done what she could do; she had left behind a neatly folded letter on her coffee table held in place by her favourite crystal swan showpiece. “Son! Leaving to my sister’s house. Need some peace. I’ll come back in two days. Ask your wife to cook some food at least these two days” My mother’s clear words stared back at me with me a strict, rigid glance. I sighed with resignation. Six months into marriage and this was the last thing on my mind. I fell on my bed drained out; physically and emotionally. I closed my eyes, trying to stop the tears that clouded my eyes. Men of this country are never supposed to cry… Chuck it! I wanted to cry anyway. Maybe it could...

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