For That Smile On Your Lips

I’ll bring down the stars from earth and heaven,

Whose skies are blue silk seamlessly woven,

For that lovely smile on your lips.

I’ll twist the enchanting hue of rainbow,

Drag the moon down tailing by the tow,

For that beautiful smile on your lips,

I’ll buy you a palace with meadow of roses,

with a lovely pond full of white lotus,

For that magical smile on your lips.

I’ll walk on cacti and scalding hot water,

or sit tight in arctic without a heater,

Purely for that sensual smile on your lips.

I’ll beg and borrow and even kill,

Or worse - I’ll pay a 7 star hotel bill,

For that mesmerizing smile on your lips.

Best of all,

I’ll give you myself - swearing that u’ll never see hell,

Fill you completely with love - cell by cell

For that heavenly smile on your lips.

Coz I know,

For you to be happy and glow with laughter,

My love is all that will ever matter .



I am Krupa, a regular nutcase, with a crazy impulse to write lot of stories and poems. Am Indian, crazy, creative, bookworm, incurable romantic and insatiable Coffee lover.

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