She stood frowning at her reflection in the mirror shaking her head in disapproval. I took a deep, exasperated breath. The red sheath gown looked stunning on her. The collar just dipped off her shoulders revealing a wheat-gold complexion and ended as long sleeves that ended near her wrist. The full-length gown gently hugged her curves and glided down her legs. She was simply ravishing; so much in contrast to the demure suits and the stiff cotton sarees that she usually chose. Her hands went automatically went to the pastel pink lipstick tube. I shook my head negative. She sighed with resignation.

"Let me dress you up today" I rubbed my hands together getting down to business; I was stunned by my result.

A dash of red lipstick, a filigree earring of sterling silver, a chic messy chignon, and a sexy pair of brown eyes that sparkled with wisdom and intelligence; I have seen her walk down to a conference in a demure grey suit and win arguments with calm, sophisticated nonchalance. This woman looking back at me in the mirror was the stark opposite of everything I've seen and known. She was a siren in bold red, a piece of crackling fire, a drop from the fiery red glow of the sun.

"Liking what you're seeing?" she asked me with a smirk.

"Loving it!" I breathed back.

I gave her a pair of matching stilettos to wear which she held it gingerly as if it was an infected animal.

"These things don't look comfortable!" She whined

"Wear it!" I ordered.

She pursed her lips like a petulant teenager and wore the shoes. I handed her a red clutch. She gave me a nervous smile and walked towards the door.

She turned back, grabbed the nearest chair, put her head in her hands and started crying. I rushed towards her.

"You know I don't want this!" she murmured as I held her.

"I have you and Rishi" she whimpered "I have Raghav and his wife" she gasped. "I'll buy a cat!" she whispered through her tears.

"shhh..." I cooed, "Relax now!" I murmured in her hair.

I gently lifted her face to me and wiped the tears that trickled down her lovely cheeks.

"You have lived for my brother and me for twenty years," I said "We have families of our own and brats to take care for the next few years. It's time to go out and make a life for yourself."

"Besides", I continued, "You hate Cats!"

She let out a guffaw and gave me a tight hug. She did a little touch-up and walked towards the door.

"Mom" I called. She turned back

"All the best!" I grinned.

The fifty-year-old woman smiled back and stepped out for what was her first date in twenty years.