Its An Ode To You

Its An Ode To You

My heart beats in a steady ,fast rhythm,
In time to the funky beats of a cymbolam
Whenever I see you
My love its an ode to you

My eyelashes dance and gracefully flutter
Like the lovely little birds that hop and twitter
When my eyes find you
Darling its an ode to you

My breathing hitches,has a sudden hike
Like the teeth jarring gear shift in a BMW bike
It is my reaction when i inhale you
My air its an ode to you

Asparagus dipped in hollandice dip
Is nothing compared to the flavor of your lip
It happens only with you
My Sugar, its an ode to you

Your skin is a velvet that's blissfully fair
Nor Prince Eric and Philip has the fragrance of your hair
Its a special feeling only for you
My Prince Charming,Its an ode to you

Though there are Macho men with suits that fit
None of them ever comes close to your wit
This is a sappy algorithm for you
My matrix head,its an ode to you

You are a white knight with top class fashion
There's no other Adam born ,to love me with such passion
It could only be you ,
My Zeus ,its an ode to you

There may be lots of other love in your life
But trust me,there'll be no other better wife
I owe my life to you
My life,its an ode to you