The Joy and Spirit of Christmas

Of all the profound happiness in the world celebrating Christmas with family and friends is the most blessed gift… Though am not from a family that made me Christian by birth , studying in reputed Christian institutions has made me respect the religion and their festivals so much that I, a born Hindu also very eagerly wait for the arrival of the day the Christ was born… As an complete outsider to the customs and traditions of the religion I may even be the most improper person to describe the true spirit of Christmas…But this is a salute to the wonderful religion on behalf of the millions of others who respect its culture and customs…so here I go…First and foremost the place what awes me is the place that the son of god chose to set foot in the world…He never chose the wealthiest of all places…Nor he chose the healthiest of all places, it was a place of the poor but a place full of good and full of love… In a Shepherd’s place in Bethlehem Jesus was born among angels and sheep indicating that he considers every living creature in the world and heaven equally and loves them all without any discrimination…The birth of Jesus teaches us a morality that every human being must learn and follow irrespective of the religion to which they belong…Second is the joy and colour that Christmas brings to the world as a whole… people all over known or unknown,rich or poor,black or white (brown I may add) come together to celebrate and rejoice..forgetting their differences and united by God’s love…Christmas provides a beautiful chance for the family to sit together setting aside their busy schedule and wine and dine together in absolute merriment…Third reason is,Christmas gives everyone a hope …just as the birth of the lord gave…A hope that a new dawn will come their and true to their a new year begins within a week…All this makes Christmas so special and so enjoyable…I will expect every Christmas and the new year with the same rigour and zeal as I do now…Wishing each and every soul in this world a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Meaningful New Year…



I am Krupa, a regular nutcase, with a crazy impulse to write lot of stories and poems. Am Indian, crazy, creative, bookworm, incurable romantic and insatiable Coffee lover.

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