The Purpose Of My Life

The Purpose Of My Life

Every waking morning I sit and wonder
If i was God's biggest blunder
What's the purpose of my life
Is it to end up as a morose waif?

All I had was a honey drenched voice
which can make notes feel like a melodious noise ,
I wanted to be as great and humble as Lathaji
But my parents wished that i had the brains to clear IITJEE,
And henceforth went my college life on and on and on
And every single day i felt like a stupid li'l pigwidgeon .

At the end of it I asked
What's the purpose of my life
Is it to become a rich man's trophy wife ?

I couldn't make it to Miss Femina which demanded skinny beauty
And never in my dizziest daydream did i think I'd end up in IT,
Never in my life I ever thought I'd say my friends "Am Busy"
Nor did i think my biggest fear will be alphabets A,B and C.

In the middle of drenching night i ask
What is the purpose of my life ?
Is it to burn my nights,shouting like a shrill fife?

Then one fine day like Hercule Poirot
I sat back and just thought,
And then it hit my head so very hard
like i acquired wisdom from Beedle the Bard.

The purpose of life is to give loads of love
To spread kindness to the world-the beings we wuv,
To show the people in every small way that they matter
And also to eat sugary little muffins hoping that we don't get any fatter.

The purpose of my life is to spread smiles inside and out of home,
And also at time to scribble like this- a silly little poem .