When Love Can Touch Us One Time

When Love Can Touch Us One Time

I walk down the aisle,
wearing a ridiculous smile..
You are there,standing in your tux,
And I stare at you ,transfixed...

I am floating in a swirl of Ivory silk,
The roses around me as white as milk,
You turn back and smile, your 5 feet 9"
Your eyes promising, that all 'll be mine...

My maid of honour says.. "Oh God!
his eyes..He's eating you!!!"
I blush everywhere , my cheeks,
flushing with a beetroot hue

I walk gracefully accepting the ooohs and wows,
In my mind I keep reciting all my vows.
I leave my dad's hand and take yours
The transfer made among my loved ones and flowers..

You bow your head and seek almighty's guidance
Though I follow your cue, my mind briefly thinks about our first dance
"We are gathered here".. Oh here the priest goes..
This is our day,our big dream .. Oh God.. we are so close..

All too soon the question part comes,
"Do you want to take me as your lawfully wedded wife?"
You wink at me saying
"Oh yes I do.. She is my world.. my life.."

You take my trembling finger,
and slip the exquisite wedding ring ,
And i follow suite,every hair standing ,
Oh my nerves..they sing...

"You may now kiss the bride",I hear the words,
and see your triumphant smile..
I hide my exasperation with a grin,
"Jeez , we've been doing that for a while"

There are claps and whistles and murmured blessings,
but I don't give a dime...
Its unbelievable - The magic that happens,
when love can touch us one time.