You Haunt My Dream

You haunt my dream,

looking so yummy like whipped up cream.

I am unable to wake up from my dream,

your sensual lips muffling my scream.

Some of those dreams are absolutely funny,

in them you call me sugar,caramel and honey.

Few of those dreams are wild and erotic,

but most of them are simply poetic.

In few such dreams i see… only your eyes,

the smoldering looks urging me to clamp together my thighs..

Some of those dreams are blissfully nice,

we just cuddle up in the meadows where buttercup lies.

Every delicious night i dream about you ,

I seem to have the courage to tell that I love you.

Alas, you stand at a long distance like the evening star beam ,

there is no other choice for me,than happily letting you haunt my dream.



I am Krupa, a regular nutcase, with a crazy impulse to write lot of stories and poems. Am Indian, crazy, creative, bookworm, incurable romantic and insatiable Coffee lover.

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