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Amazing Women Ep.7 - Subhiksha Venkat - Made in Chennai

Though I know it’s man-made, every time I look up at the fireworks in the night sky, I think “this is what magic must look like!” Ever thought about the source of them? They look pretty in their own way, packed in simple packaging, nothing seems unique about them, till you see them in their element; and when you get to see them in their prime and part, you are captivated by their sheer magic all your eternity. You want more of them, because they mesmerize you, make you believe in the power of a tiny spark, lay proof of the heights you could reach by just pushing yourself  a little further, show the glorious magnificence you could transform yourself into, and show how you could be a lasting moment of magic in many people’s lives.

Such is the magic of a small firework, such is the magic of Subhiksha Venkat.

I remember meeting Subhi in one of our foodies meets, a young girl, who looked fresh and adorable, a sweet college kid. I remember having some brief conversations with her and forgot her at that. As time by, we started connecting over many digital, and that’s how I came across her Instagram profile, and I was blown away. Over the memory of a little girl, over-lay the face of a young woman who was stylish, sophisticated, elegant and pleasant. I’ve been following her ardently ever since, continually marvelling at the way she has moulded herself, the way her sense of passion got refined. But all things start small, don’t they? So, I asked her where did this unquenchable thirst for fashion start?

“I was always fond of dressing up & dressing people up from when I was a baby. My grandfather still makes fun of the fact that I made my grandma a guinea pig when I was 5-6 years old and applied powder, Lishtik (Lipstick), cream and styled her hair with hair gel and oil. I love representing myself with the outfits I wear, styling it in different ways possible, finding new brands that suit my personal style. I loved the confidence that it gives me!”

True, dressing better, gives us a tremendous boost to our confidence. The more we feel we are in our skin, the better it shows. But that doesn’t mean you have to go out the of the way or overboard to the point of making it uncomfortable. Comfort is the numero uno factor when it comes to everyday fashion (we’re going to conveniently forget, the MET gala, our wedding, and Halloween here) and Subhi knows and shows how to do that while retaining the chic factor.  

“You have a chic yet elegant style, how do you pull it off? how do you choose your brands?” I asked her,

“Thank you, Krupa!” she blushed to a pretty shade of Coral (or imagine any other shade of palest peach, I should think) I think that I do not try too hard to put together an outfit. I don’t over accessorize, don’t work with way too many colours…basically, I don’t overdo, and it could be the reason. More than the brands, I choose the products!”

With that simple answer, don’t underestimate our daring young woman as she can very well cause a viral revolution. Her #teamblacksaree was a sensational trend that captivated the South Indian women, who are curbed from wearing anything black to any auspicious occasions. As the story went, she had worn a beautiful black silk saree to a wedding, and people took it on them to advice about the inauspiciousness that the colour black can bring about feel-good occasions, like a wedding. She had then sought to Instagram, questioning the freedom of choice and the age-old social norms that still, somehow find a way to bind us. Scores of women took were inspired by it, and took to the media with the #teamblacksaree hashtag and posted many pictures of them boldly defying customs, being rebellious all the while looking ethereal, draped in spectacular black sarees.

Quite a fabulous tale isn’t it? Dressing up takes a lot of courage, to be honest.  I know many of us at some point or the other, completely fell in love with a dress but didn’t dare to do even a trial of it, fearing what would people comment about it, when we venture out wearing it. “What tip can you tell for women to come out of that shell?” I asked her,

“Ah, just go for it, ladies! The only thing that I would say is to dress up for yourselves and not for others. Don’t expect validation from others. If you are satisfied, then the confidence will automatically show.” She smiled.

I agreed, smiling back. Confidence is not just defined by clothes, but our choices and actions as well. Subhi is not only daring and adventurous with her selection of products, but we could also tell that about her when it comes to her profession. She quit her stable full-time job, to become a PR Manager and handles the Public relation aspect of many popular brands.

“It is quite a gamble to give up a full-time job and start a career where you help brands build their social presence, what motivated you to take that step?” I asked her,

“Yes, I was in a regular 9-5 job. I quite enjoyed my work, but I really loved the world of Digital marketing, PR and of course my blog. I really wanted to explore this section, and well, I just took a leap of faith.”

Maybe answers to all complicated questions in life is a simple as that. Perhaps all it takes is a leap of faith. All that’s needed to make a difference it to take the first step. I asked her the last question before I wandered off into a quest of soul-searching.

“What message do you have for the women out there?” I questioned, quite curious to know her answer.

“The Future is Us, ladies!”

she said with a cheer, and that was quite perfect!

PS: Checkout Subhiksha’s website Made in Chennai



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